SASS/CSS Based Single Page App Built with ❤️ and a lot of ☕️ Using SASS, CSS Grid and all the cool stuff 😎

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This is CSS/SASS based single page application with CSS game AI built in 😎

Author Dmitry Tsuprunov

Feel free to visit GitHub page of the project.

Many thanks to Evgeniya Koval an amazing QA engineer for testing and emotional support during development.


Why? - Because it can be done 😁

Is there any JavaScript on the page? - Nope. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. 🤷

What tools did you use? - VSCode editor with Live Server and Live Sass Compiler plugins. 👍

Why AI always starts the game? - To save memory and time. If player started the game it would require approximately x3 times more code.

Can I win? - Nope. There're no winning scenarios in the game. The best you can do is a draw. Reason is the same as for the previous question.

Oops! 😧

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